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Abortion: I don't think abortion is a bad thing, but that depends on how someone uses it. People shouldn't use it as a form of birth control. The reason I do not thing abortion should be illegal is because of how it could affect the baby's life. The child could grow up in an abusive home. Most likely, the child does not have a father as most women who have abortions aren't married. There are also other reasons that I could go on about, but I'll keep it short. Also, I get tired of anti-abortionists being men, yet they are usually the ones that leave their girlfriends/one night stands/etc. anyway and leave the woman to make a decision like that. I do get tired of people saying "let the baby decide". The baby can't make decisions about life or death, and even if it did want to die, if you killed it would be called murder so that is a stupid comment to make. Any comments? Just e-mail me using the link at the bottom of this page.

The Religious Right: Religious what? Right is definetly NOT the word for it! Have you heard of that Religious Freedom Amendment? Religious what? Freedom? My ass that's freedom. Sounds more like Christian freedom to me. It's a damn good thing they didn't pass that amendment. Of course a new one has been presented, and it also better as hell fail. In fact, I saw this one web page about this candidate for the governor of Georgia, and he wanted to kill all nonchristians. Sounds like Nazism to me. Of course the Nazis are little pansies compared to what this guy wanted. He wanted to use nuclear weapons to fulfill his purpose! Pat Robertson should be declared the most dangerous man in America. He thinks that this should become a Christian only country and that Christians are more qualified to run the government than anyone else. He says that nonchristians are tearing apart the family. This is the same guy that agrees that women should submit to their husbands! Well last I heard women worked and supported their family and a lot of men leave that woman to fend for the kids that are also his! Women have a right to vote, dammit! They aren't slaves for husbands! Any person believing this is crazy. Any woman believing this is psychotic. I guess I've gone off the subject a little here. Anyway, the religious right is not a right, it's political party equivalent to the communist party in their actions.

School Prayer: I really hate this idea! The Christians want to force us to pray in schools. I hate that! That Religous Freedom Amendment would have increased the freedom of Christians and take away the freedom of everyone else. Now another one has been proposed. It sure as hell better not pass. I don't want Christians to come over the intercom at school and tell everyone to bow their heads in prayer. If they did that, I would whip out a pentagram and act like I'm praying for Satan, just to piss them off even though I don't believe in Satan. And watch them take it away and tell them it isn't right. I don't think what they are doing is right, and neither do a lot of Christians. They shouldn't be called the Christian Coalition. They should be called the Cult of the Political God or something in the like.

Violent Activism: This idea is also stupid. If you don't know what I mean by violent activism, I mean something that's similar to terrorism, but it has a motive of trying to influence an idea. For example, bombing of abortion clinics. This doesn't get the point across at all. In fact, you might as well argue in favor of what you're trying to destroy. This only proves the corruption that something that doesn't exist (i.e. a god) has over you. Actually, it's the corruption that the religious leaders have over you. They'll send out you to do their dirty work for themselves. What I hate most of all is the neo-nazis and the Ku Klux Klan. I don't know what these people are trying to prove by terrorism. In fact, if anyone should be killed in this country for their beliefs it should be them. Believe it or not, Nazis and the KKK are Christians. That is one of the major reasons I left Christianity in the first place. And people say that a god can only have a good influence over someone's life.

Teen Smoking: This is a subject that has a lot of controversy going on right now. This is my opinion on it. About teen smoking, this an overblown issue. The adults are being the hypocrits here. I bet a lot of them started smoking as teenagers as well. Now they're telling us that we shouldn't. What a load of shit. And why is the government punishing adults by raising the price of cigarettes for a small age group? There is no point in that. Why don't they do something about cigars? They are much worse than a cigarette. Guess those damn politicians don't want to pay more money for those. Also the government is forgetting that a lot of teens don't buy cigarettes, they steal them. Now they want to start regulating nicotine as a drug. I say increase the amount of nicotine in cigarettes so people don't have to smoke so money to get their fix. A 3 pack a day smoker might reduce to 1.5-2 packs a day. Also it saves them money. My point is they should stop focusing on smoking and focus on other much more important issues like homeless people or something like that. They're the ones that need the most help.

Ethics, Morals, and Law: This is something religionists need to know the definitions of. The purpose of this section is to explain why Christian morals, or any other religions' morals, shall be forever separated from the government. Ethics-the codes which have been in place almost since the beginning of mankind. Examples of ethics are no stealing, no murdering, no lying, etc. Morals-codes of living set by individuals. These codes are not shared by everybody, therefor moral codes should not be forced upon people. Examples of morals are no cheating on mates, keeping promises, tolerating people, etc. Law-codes that are made by a country to establish order. These are usually based on ethics. Sometimes, though, they use morals as a basis for law, which usually ends up pissing a lot of people off. Oftentimes, law is also used as a way to establish power and corruption over people. I hope that differentiates ethics, morals, and law. If you have any questions and/or opinions, you know what to do.

Marijuana: Marijuana is the not the terrible gateway drug that the government wants you to think it is. It has proven to be useful in the treatment of cancer, HIV, AIDS, glaucoma, and many other diseases. Rather than just granting legal use of medical marijuana, I say just go all the way and legalize it. It's safter than cigarettes and especially alcohol. I don't see what's so bad about it. Marijuana users are usually calm and reserved, while alcoholics can be very violent and their senses are affected much worse than marijuana. So why is it illegal anyway?

The Year 2000: Another thing I don't see a big deal about. Afterall, the millenium isn't over until Jan 1 of 2001. The year 2000 hype was driven by marketing ploys, crazy religious ideas, and ultimately the irrational explanation for the human fascination with zeros. The latter is what I will focus on. Every time there is a zero in a year, people think it is a significant thing. It really isn't. It's the only the number of year; it does not correspond to anything like cataclysmic events like many religious fanatics would like you to think. In fact, we may already be well past the year 2000. Evidence suggests that Jesus was actually born three years before the majority say he was (nor was he born on the 25th of December). That would make this year no different than the last in terms of milleniums. Kind of a downer on those new years parties isn't it (although I went to one just to join in on the festivities)?

Another thing people think that this year is so significant for is the bullshit Nostradamus predictions. If you didn't notice, he said the world would see the first wave of destruction sometime during last July. As you can readily see, nothing happened. Prophecies are not truth and they never have been, especially Biblical prophecies. Thomas Paine even said that the Biblical word prophet is more closetly related to "poet" than to a "seer." So overall, this year is no more a significant year than the last or the others before it. It's just that; another year. And remember, just because there's more than one zero in a number doesn't it make it any different than a number with less zeros.