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Last Updated: 1/7/00

On this page I explore many different things. See for yourself.

Last updage: added a new thought in the My Views on Certain Issues section. It contains my thoughts on the significance (or rather, insignificance) of the year 2000.

I have requirements for the kinds of e-mails I will answer to. I will not even read hate mail. Don't waste your time sending it. Also, to people who want to debate with me, do not quote Bible verses. It's pointless. Since I don't believe in the Bible, quoting Bible verses will have no effect on me. If you do this, all I will reply with is telling you never to e-mail me again. If you would like to comment on a section or sections of my web page, those are welcome. But again, I will not read anything saying "I hate you...etc etc". Thank you.

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