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Reasons Why I Became an Atheist

I am an atheist because:
     -There is no proof of an existence of a god
     -There is no need of, or use for, a god
     -A god would be useless if it were not powerful
     -A powerful god would not deserve worship
     -There is no all-powerful god, or else there would be no    
     -If this is the best world god can make, the stories of heaven 
     must be lies
     -History shows that Godism is accompanied by superstition
     -There has never been such intolerance and persecution as godists
     have practiced
     -Godism had to be fought when humankind made its successive steps
     toward science, liberty, and reform
     -Godism was invented in the earliest days of mankind's ignorance.
     It is incredible that primitive humans guessed wrongly about 
     everything else, but discovered the truth about the origin of 
     -Everything about which science has discovered the origin of life
     was claimed previously of the work of god.  Godism recedes when a
     new fact is discovered.  No new discovery ever supports a theist
     explanation of anything
     -All revelation proves, on investegation, to be human and 
     generally fraudulant
     -Godism is consistent with crime, cruelty, envy, hatred, malice,
     and uncharitableness.

I hope that makes you see my viewpoint a little better, if it isn't already