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note: this page is mostly used to show that atheists are not amoral.

1. Treat others the way they treat you.

2. Stupidity.

3. I will not conform to anything unless I personally believe in it.

4. I will not murder.

5. When on someone else's property, I will not do to it what is not acceptable to them.

6. No sexual advances without first being given the mating signal.

7. I will not steal unless it is essential to my well-being. However, I will not steal from an individual, just businesses and companies that can take the loss.

8. Do not kill non-human animals except for self defense and food.

9. Casual sex is fine as long as I do not plan on having a relationship with the person and am not a friend of the person. In relationships, sex will only be done if I think the relationship is worth my time.

10. Do not harm the defenseless (i.e. small children).

11. Do not force the beliefs of myself down others throats, unless it is essential for my well-being (i.e. when it comes to laws).

12. Do not speak unless spoken to or the need arises.

13. Stand up for the rights of others, even if I do not agree with how they're using their rights.

14. Work for everything I want. I will not make someone else do what I can do myself.

15. When out in public, and someone keeps bothering me, I will tell them to stop. If they do not, I will use force.

16. Never hit a woman unless it is absolutely neccessary.

Those are my morals, and they change quite a bit. If you have any questions, please e-mail me at