Refutations of Creationist Arguments
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Here I will examine some arguments you'll probably hear creationists say. Use this as a guide for refuting them. These are just a few of the arguments, however, so be prepared for others they might throw at you.


This would be the most popular argument. Creationists are fond of using it. Basically, the argument states that the universe must have been designed due to it's complexity. Since it is designed, the designer must be God.

There are many problems with this argument. First, you can see that it is inconsistent with itself. It says that God designed the universe, but if God designed it then God must be even more complex than the universe. This breaks its own rule. When you bring that point up, the answer you'll most likely get is "God has always existed." However, if God has always existed, than we can just as easily say the universe has always existed.


This argument is pretty much the same as the argument of design. It states that the universe must have been caused and/or started by something, and that cause is God.

This can be refuted similar to the argument of design. It states that every effect has to have a cause, then breaks its own rule by not requiring a cause for God. Refer to the previous argument to see why this argument is also invalid.


This argument is used as an attempt to disprove evolution. It states